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BubbleBite comes from the inspiration we share with many nature and outdoor enthusiasts. We know that mosquitoes, ticks and other insects are quite a nuisance during our outdoor adventures, so we decided to find a solution.

At BubbleBite, we are tackling a global problem that is getting bigger every year. As well as disrupting our outdoor activities, insects such as mosquitoes, ticks and others pose a serious threat as they can transmit deadly diseases.

The solution is found in innovative formulations that offer effective protection against insects while nourishing the skin. BubbleBite products are innovative, natural and effective protective products that offer a 2-in-1 effect (protection against mosquitoes, ticks and skin care). By developing innovative formulations, we aim to provide more effective protection against the potential problems and diseases that an individual can get when coming into contact with harmful insects. Children are particularly sensitive to insect stings, so protecting children is crucial. Our products can also be used by the youngest members of the family without any worries, as the ingredients are suitable for different skin types, including children's skin, and for individuals with dermatological problems.

Our focus has found a way to solve this problem that many of us are experiencing. Insects can get in the way of everyday tasks or simply enjoying nature. With the desire to provide complete and 100% natural protection, without neglecting the sensitivity of our skin, we have created our products.

We have developed our products with the ideal of creating an unforgettable experience that connects us to nature and carefree living. That's why we have chosen the best natural and vegan ingredients.

In addition to protecting and softening the skin, we've worked hard to ensure that our products make you feel comfortable just by looking at them. That's why we joined forces with students from the Faculty of Design in Ljubljana to create the unique BubbleBite brand image.

Start a new daily routine with #bubblebite products and immerse yourself in safe 100% natural skin protection. Say YES to the most beautiful insect-free time of the year, for an active day and a colourful, worry-free summer. It's also suitable for the youngest members of the family.

Put your skin in BubbleBite's hands and your skin will thank you - "Unique natural protection."

"We wanted to inspire people with a natural protection that gives everyone back a carefree life. We wanted to offer something different, something better, the best on the market" - BubbleBite


Bubble Labs d.o.o.
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Slovenia (EU)

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